Walt Disney World Educational Tours

Disney World has all kinds of educational tours!  We had the privilege of taking one of them recently.  My son and I  took Disney’s The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour.  It started very early that morning.  We had to meet at 7:30 a.m. outside Magic Kingdom.  Everyone was then given a headset so we could hear our tour guide.  This was a 3 hour tour where we got to ride around the park in a fully restored antique freight train, we went backstage to the roundhouse, where the steam engines are serviced and stored.  We also learned what it takes to keep these trains in working order and we got to watch as the engineers prepared for another day at the park.  We also learned about Walt Disney’s love for steam trains and how he decided to make them part of Magic Kingdom.

Disney World Educational Tours

The highlight for my son was that we got to enter the park before any guests that day.  He was actually ahead of the group just a little and he was so excited to tell his friends that his foot was the first one in the park that day (not counting the cast members).  I enjoyed learning about how Walt Disney acquired each of the trains and how special they were to him.  The cast member doing our tour was so knowledgeable and took the time to answer multiple questions that day.

If you have never taken a tour at Disney, I encourage you to schedule one.  They are very educational and fun.  Who knows, even you might learn a thing or two.  Disney has many options.

Head over to their website for a full list but a few of them are:

Disney World Educational Tours:

Behind the Seeds Tour in Epcot
Disney’s Key to the Kingdom Tour
Disney’s Family Magic Tour
Backstage Tales

Here is the link to take you to a full list of Disney World Educational Tours:  Tours and Events at Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World Education Tour Walt Disney World Education Learning at Walt Disney World