Disney World is full of educational lessons.  Everywhere you go you can turn it into a lesson.

Take Epcot for example, where can you travel to 11 countries in one day?  That is what you can do when you visit Epcot.  It is full of things to explore and learn. Over on Counting Pinecones blog, that is just what she did.  Brenda took the different counties and turned them into homeschool lessons.

Go check them out:  Counting Pinecones.

The first one she did was the Canada Pavillion.  So have you turned your trip into a lesson?  It is a great idea to take your upcoming Disney trip and study about the things you will see and then once you get there, watch your children light up when they see something you have already studied.  I have done this before and it just brings the lesson together all the more.  Give it a try!  Teach about it before you get there then they get to see it and it seems to click.