Magical Homeschoolers

There has been a change of plans this year.  Disney has changed their rules for their Youth Education Programs. According to them we do not fit the profile for their program and they suggested that we do it a different way. Unfortunately that way didn’t work out either because they do not offer the classes that way during November and December. We have tried to make this work and it just isn’t working this year.

HOWEVER, we have teamed up with Universal Studios in Florida and they are working with us. We will have a great program. They offer the education classes and are excited to be working with us. We are working on 3 possible classes: Behind the Adventure Tour (enjoy front of the line access at participating attractions, behind the scenes experiences and more from Islands of Adventure), Culinary Arts (students are taught basic food prep principles, culinary techniques and more) and Storytelling: It Starts with a Hero (kids learn key components of storytelling including character framing and development).
I know you all have been waiting to hear about what we are doing. We are almost finished finalizing our plans. The dates are tentatively 12/5-12/10/16.
We will have discounted room and ticket packages along with just ticket packages. This is open to all kids, not just homeschool children. Parents are allowed to attend the classes (for free) with their child(ren). We just cannot have more adults than kids (we must have at least 1 less adult than children). All classes are subject to minimum requirements too.